“Greater Exeter” protects the countryside – honestly, that’s what they say!

And it must be true, because Andrew Moulding says so! Now, about Exmouth Splat … And look who the money is coming from: developers!

Teignbridge, East Devon District Councils and Exeter City Council have form a cross-boundary partnership to safeguard three internationally important conservation sites.

The three councils have established the South East Devon Habitat Regulations Executive committee to off-set the effects of new developments and population growth on the protected sites.

They will work together to protect places such as the Exe Estuary, Dawlish Warren and the East Devon Pebblebed Heaths for future generations to enjoy.
The committee said protecting the sites was important for a number of reasons, including providing safe areas for all users to enjoy and caring for the bird populations they support.

Human activity on or close to the sites can cause disturbance or even death of protected bird species, it warned.

This new Committee is working with partners including Natural England, Clinton Devon Estates, National Trust, RSPB, Exe Estuary Management Partnership and Devon Wildlife Trust.

Funding will come from developer contributions on new residential housing across the three areas and within a 10km “zone of influence” from the protected sites.

Measures and initiatives planned include a patrol boat on the Exe Estuary, a dog project officer, a review of codes of conduct, new and updated visitor publicity and signage.

Two new wardens will educate and engage with the public and ensure byelaws are observed.

East Devon’s deputy leader Andrew Moulding said: “This joint working between our three Councils is a really important step in protecting our beautiful coast and countryside.

“By working together through collective financial decision-making, we can share resources to protect important areas of conservation and improve enjoyment for residents and visitors alike.” …


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  1. and if Business rates rise that will further accelerate the switch to on-line shopping and speed up the already rapid decline in rural towns. That, in turn, will generate the need to increase Business rates. A plan well up to the standard of rcent Tory thinking!


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