A tale of two AONBs

A gas-fired power station has been proposed for the East Devon village of Hawkchurch on the East Devon- West Dorset border NEAR an AONB (Area of outstanding Natural Beauty) in Dorset. It was not put out to consultation to the local community.

West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin says of it:

This development will have an impact on the West Dorset AONB.

“I do not believe it is appropriate, or in line with national planning policy, for industrial installations to be located in ways that have such impact on landscape of national importance. I hope, therefore, that this application will be refused.”

Councillor tries to extend consultation period on ‘power station’

In East Devon, an industrial site is being planned WITHIN the AONB at Sidford – after it had been agreed that it would not be allowed in the Local Plan but slipped in because officers did not offer up evidence to a Planning Inspector to remove it.

The local MP, Hugo Swire, has said …

… absolutely nothing at all.

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