Exmouth/ EDDC: more of our money down the drain

“A report has highlighted that costs for Exmouth’s Queen’s Drive project have now more than doubled – from £1.5 million to £3.1 million.

The figures come as East Devon District Council (EDDC) continue looking for “fresh ideas” for the biggest chunk of the nine-acre development site – after sacking the previous developer, Moirai, over the summer.

They say they will be consulting with residents, businesses and tourists for this ‘third phase’ of the Queen’s Drive site in Exmouth.


3 thoughts on “Exmouth/ EDDC: more of our money down the drain

  1. Just how stupid do you have to be to invest £3m on forceably closing and demolishing successful businesses and moving a road when you have no real idea what is going to happen, or when, to most of the site?

    Oh yes – about as stupid as relocating to shiny new offices at vast expense using a loan which taxpayers will be lumbered with for 20 years, promising but then reneging that the project would be “cost neutral”.

    Or as stupid as frittering away £700k in legal fees, in a large part as a dogma-driven attempt to keep details of your office relocation secret – and then when forced to publish them for the public to find that there was nothing (absolutely nothing) worth keeping secret in the first place.

    Or as stupid as a council that negotiates several £m worth of S106 agreements but fails to collect the money or even track what has been agreed.

    This is OUR money – OUR council tax payments – that they are flushing away.

    P.S. If you have other examples of EDDC wasting large amounts of money, please add your own comments with details.


    • Such frittering is nothing new. The previous leader Sara Randall Johnson spent an absolute fortune of our money fighting plans to amalgamate EDDC with parts of other councils. I belive it ran into hundreds of thousands of pounds- but am open to correction. The point remains, regardless of the actual sum, Dear Leaders at EDDC seem all too willing to spend massive amounts of our dosh on what matters to them regardless of what the rest of us think.


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