Exmouth: Queen’s Drive “sinkhole”

Picture:  Exmouth Journal

The Bible says:

“Everyone therefore who hears these words of mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man, who built his house on a rock. The rain came down, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat on that house; and it didn’t fall, for it was founded on the rock. Everyone who hears these words of mine, and doesn’t do them will be like a foolish man, who built his house on the sand. The rain came down, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat on that house; and it fell—and great was its fall.”

— Matthew 7:24–27, World English Bible

Anyone else underwhelmed by Exmouth’s watersports centre?

And wouldn’t you think the safety changes might have been foreseen?

“Peter Quincey, director of Grenadier Estates, said: “Following our community consultation and the feedback received, we have focused on water safety in consultation with East Devon District Council and have made amendments to the design.

“The amendments to the design include setting the building back by four metres to allow a more substantial space between the building and the sea wall, and increasing the rigging areas to accommodate additional water sports equipment.

“To improve the visual appeal of the building further, we have included additional stone cladding and designated more space for planting trees.

“These additions have resulted in a reduction of 14 parking spaces.”


Sidmouth: Swire fancies flats and car parking at Port Royal – or getting Prince Charles in!

He says Prince Charles’s architects would be “non-political” But in the absence of the Prince he says:

“My view of the Ham is that we could do multi-storey car parking there. It could be wrapped in retail or starter flats. There’s terrible parking pressure there already. You could have more people living in that part of the town.

“I think it would be a missed opportunity to just do something with the Drill Hall and not the rest of it. It requires an ambitious approach.”

And that’s not political? Pull the other one!

What do you bet Diviani comes to the same conclusion – by coincidence, of course!


Would you like to take Exmouth Ocean “to the next level” for £50,000 per year

Has anyone seen this advertised locally? Bold type sentence is Owl’s highlighting – not the advertiser!

“Job Title General Manager
Public Sector & Leisure Trusts
Specialism Senior/General Management
Salary £50,000
Location South West


Location – Exmouth, Devon Basic salary £50,000 (OTE £60,000) plus benefits Our client operates a multi-faceted hospitality venue in a prime location on the Exmouth seafront, with a turnover of over £2m. Facilities include 3 restaurants, a superb 200-seater function room with stunning views of the coast and Exe Estuary, a 12-lane ten-pin bowling alley, a large soft play zone and a SEGA amusement arcade.

The venue opened in 2015 but has yet to fulfil its potential. A dynamic, business-focused General Manager is now required to take the facility to the next level.

Reporting directly to the group CEO and Board, you will have significant autonomy and responsibility. The post will also include the oversight of a 500-seater, traditional entertainment facility with an 80-seater restaurant. Both venues are adjacent on the seafront and form the gateway to a proposed leisure redevelopment area, with works commencing in 2018.

You will provide strategic direction for all areas to achieve or exceed growth, key performance and ‘bottom line’ financial targets. You will have effective leadership skills and motivational qualities, and be ambitious, determined, goal-orientated and a team player. You will have significant experience having managed a large multi-functional hospitality or entertainment facility, or a group of facilities.

Your hours of work will be flexible, including some weekends and evenings.


Tomorrow last day for comments on EDDC’s “planning application” for Exmouth seafront

The words “planning application” appear in quotes because it barely meets the requirement for an outline planning application, let alone a full one!

More haste … more money?

The planning application reference is 17/2944/FUL and must be quoted at all times.

You may write, email or login to the planning portal


to place your objections. If you wish to speak to someone in planning the number is 01395 516551.

Please note that your objections must be to EDDC by 17th January so it is too late to write.

“Exmouth Town Council opposes plan for temporary attractions on seafront – again”

Owl says: Amazing how some district councillors can change their attitudes when EDDC development is in THEIR town’s back yard!

“Town councillors have again refused to support an application for temporary attractions on Exmouth seafront.

Planning committee members decided not to support the proposal to install pop-up food outlets and a large to screen to show live sport, such as World Cup football matches, at the former fun park site in Queen’s Drive.

If given the go-ahead, East Devon District Council’s (EDDC) plan could also see the former boating lake filled in for a hard or soft seating area and a fenced-off children’s play zone created.

The current proposal is a full application and town councillors have suggested that it should be reverted to an outline plan. They say it could progress to a full proposal, with more detail, later.

The amended plans now include a letter intended to dispel previous objections over the lack of information in the application and the permanent infilling of the boating lake.

EDDC says the lack of detail was due to a ‘tight timescale’ and there is no ‘specific engineering solution’ for how the infilling will take place.

Objecting to the installation of the big screen, Nick Hookway, chairman of campaign group Save Exmouth Seafront, pointed out that an extensive environmental monitoring programme had previously been recommended for the site.

He said: “I think that the presence of a large number of people on that site will be highly damaging to that site itself.

“Will this present application prevent damage to the site or merely get the public to do the council’s work?

“Will this application have the same environmental mitigation conditions that the reserve matters application had?”

Exmouth Town Council Planning Committee members voted to oppose the amended proposals, saying the blueprint has not answered their original concerns and the plan should come back as an outline application.

In the additional information, EDDC says it wants the application to be decided on by its development management committee in March.

Councillor Bill Nash said: “March is plenty of time for this application to come back in to this committee as an outline application, which I think would be considered properly and probably be acceptable.”


EDDC’s justification for Exmouth seafront “planning lite” application

Would you or I get away with this?

Exmouth Town Council arranging hurried meeting on 6 January 2018.

Let’s see what they think (Tory dominated, don’t build up you expectations!)

From EDDC to Town Councillors – how to justify the unjustifiable!

One for the Scrutiny Committee? Oh no, wait – not allowed to discuss individual planning applications! But maybe CAN investigate how there are double standards in planning – one for their own officers and one for everyone else.

No – even that’s not right! One for EDDC and its developers and one for the rest of us.

“Queen’s Drive Temporary Uses Planning Application Response to Concerns Raised by Exmouth Town Council

The lack of detail in the planning application is a result of the tight timescale that we are faced with in delivering the temporary uses.
Time is a key driver for the delivery of the Temporary Uses project. We aim to have new facilities available by early spring 2018.
In order to achieve this, we have to secure a planning permission first, before starting work on the installation of the new facilities.
We also have to go through the research and then procurement process to find the suppliers (and operators where appropriate) for the new facilities.
We realised that if we are to achieve this tight timetable, we would need to undertake tasks concurrently. So we would need to submit a planning application without necessarily knowing the detail of exactly what the facilities would be and who would be supplying them.
We discussed this with our planning advisor and the Local Planning Authority and identified that we could submit a planning application that provided a general description of what we propose to do (and was therefore without too much detail), where (if approved at committee), the planning authority could put conditions on the permission and request the detail at a later time.
We agreed on a strategy for the planning application that would show the three zones for the three different “themes” of what will be on offer. Namely: children’s play, food and drink, and a range of one-off events.

The District Council will have to apply for necessary licences to cover the hours of opening for the operation of the events on site. Again, as yet we do not know the detail of what the events will be as we are still in the research and planning stages. We would not expect that any event would be later than midnight. But note that this will only be on odd occasions – not every night. This application will be heard by the Licensing Committee in due course.

We do not yet know the specific engineering solution for how the ponds will be filled in. It is thought that this will be loose material topped with sand. Whatever is used to fill the ponds could be removed in the future if required.
We are aiming for the application to be heard at DMC on 6 March 2018.
To meet this date and allow for the lead in period for the application to be processed, we therefore had to submit the application before Christmas (early December). It was not until early December that we had finalised the application ready for submission.

Alison Hayward
EDDC 3 January 2018”