Exmouth Regeneration Board has not discussed council overspend

Strange that! You might think they would need to know what is happening, what has been spent so far and what is to be spent in future.

Yet no mention of funding changes at their last meeting in September

Click to access 150916erpbcombinedagenda.pdf

when officers and senior councillors were almost certainly aware of the problem. Or was that the ” more thoughtful approach” mentioned in the minutes!

Perhaps EDDC just has an open chequebook approach.

Here is what they DID report about Queen’s Drive:

RC (Richard Cohen) gave an update on the Queens Drive development. It was noted that agreement had now been reached with tenants. There was a meeting next month with Grenadier and there was enthusiasm that the project was moving forward. It was hoped that planning permission would be in place for Phase 2 of the project by the end of the calendar year.

It was reported that a more thoughtful approach could be taken towards Phase 3 of the project and take steps to take this to the market. There was a need to go out to public consultation on Phase 3 o the works and also go out to tender.

Agreement had been reached with the tenants of Harbour View Cafe to end the formal lease and they were currently on licence until the end of September. A request had been made to leave the tenant in situ until the Council needed the site for redevelopment works. The Board members were keen that the building was not left vacant and the tenant remains in situ.
TW (Tim Wood) expressed his disappointment that a cafe/restaurant had not been established at Orcombe Point.

JME (Councillor Elson) raised the issue of having a Master Planning meeting of all /Exmouth District Councillors on Monday 12 September at 6.00pm.”