Should higher-rate tax pensioners be given winter fuel payments?

” … More than 12 million pensioners receive winter fuel payments each year, putting a £2.1billion dent in Treasury coffers.

About 43,000 are higher rate taxpayers, who currently have an annual income of more £43,001, receive the benefit of between £100 and £300 every year.

If each received the maximum £300 every year for five years, it will have cost the public a total of £64.5million.

… But just 518 [of all payees, whether paying higher rate tax not known] have refused to accept the payments since 2011, the Government admitted.”

Some older councillors who claim multiple allowances from districts and/or county (and maybe councillor Board members of our LEP whose allowances or expenses we are not allowed to know) are almost certainly in the higher rate tax group – as is every MP.

Owl wonders if they donate their winter fuel payments to charity – or if any of them are in the 518 people who refused the money?