Cameron’s “affordable” housing target dropped by Hammond

“… the Government has also now binned David Cameron’s flagship housing policy of building 200,000 starter homes at 20 per cent below market price, championed by the former Prime Minister just last year. …

… In its housing white paper released last month the Government said it was not going ahead with rules that would force councils to make 20 per cent of all developments over a certain size starter homes – one of the key ways ministers hoped to reach the 200,000 target.

According to the white paper the Government now wants 10 per cent of developments to be what it calls “affordable home ownership” – a wider category more open to interpretation.

The starter homes policy came in for criticism at its launch after calculations showed prospective buyers would likely have to earn well above the average wage in order to consider purchasing one. …”

Owl grovels …

Somerset is included in LEP plans for super-expansion! But the questions remain and the situation gets even more complex. Will Cornwall and Dorset be happy with SO MUCH money destined for Hinkley C!

Owl has named the new foursome “The Golden Quadrangle” until such time as it is given its own name!