Honiton: now it’s market finances being investigated by police!

“Police have confirmed that they are continuing to investigate a claim of fraud in relation to the possible illegal financial irregularities regarding the Honiton market finances. The investigation was revealed at the last finance meeting of the council on April 24 when then mayor Cllr Caroline Kolek made a statement confirming that a police investigation was being undertaken and that she had reported concerns that she had to the police.

After the meeting, Honiton Town Council had issued a statement and a spokesperson said: “Following information being presented to the mayor, who is chairman of the town council, Cllr Caroline Kolek consulted with the Monitoring Officer at East Devon District Council.

“Acting on the Monitoring Officer’s advice, Cllr Kolek reported the information to the police. The town council has no legal structure or policies in place to be able to investigate these matters. …

… A police spokesperson said: “Devon and Cornwall Police can confirm that we have received an allegation of a fraudulent claim being made linked to work undertaken for Honiton Council. At this time police are making enquiries to ascertain whether any offences have been committed. Enquiries are ongoing and no further information is available at this time.”

Honiton market is run by council employees and the takings from the market go to the council. There is no investigation into the Honiton Market management, it has been confirmed,

The ongoing police investigation is the latest controversy surrounding Honiton town council after four councillors, including the newly elected mayor, resigned this week.”