NHS in Devon – way, way beyond a crisis

Facebook post from Nick Harvey, Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate in North Devon:

News release
11 May 2017
Contact: 012710375317

North Devon Lib Dem candidate NICK HARVEY has written to Simon Stevens – head of NHS England – calling on him to make a statement about the future of NHS services in Devon.

The respected Health Service Journal is reporting a that in a shock move, NHS England is to take over Devon CCG as it goes bust. North East and West (NEW) Devon CCG must produce emergency savings in Devon’s health services by Friday (12 May) or face having it done to them.

The CCG is ending the year with a worse than expected £42 million deficit. The CCG’s cumulative deficit since 2013-14 now stands at £120m.

“What has been the point of the Sustainability & Transformation Plan and the ludicrously ill-named Success Regime if this is the end product?” asks Nick Harvey. “It is no surprise that NHS managers couldn’t identify further savings without having a severe impact on patient care.”

“Now we are warned Devon could become subject to a new ‘capped expenditure process’ which sounds extremely ominous.”

“We should be clear that the blame for this crisis lies squarely with the Government. They have not given the NHS the funds they promised in the 2015 election, and that has plunged us into this mess.

“Local MPs have been much too willing to wring their hands from the sidelines, instead of tackling their own ministers on the headline politics.
“If a modest tax rise for all of us is the price of rescuing the NHS, so be it. I’m prepared to pay and so are most people I talk to.

“There is no point clearing the deficit in a hurry if we wreck vital national services like the NHS in the process.

“Devon needs to elect MPs who will fight this battle. June 8th offers them that chance.”

In East Devon, this HAS to be Claire Wright.