Proxy votes: make them count

And not those organised by matrons in nursing homes recently visited by MPs or picked up in bulk by dodgy political parties!

From Facebook page of a young voter:

like this idea….from a friend. pass it on – we need to organise to get votes OUT
…. Listen, people need to realise whats happening. The tories are only winning seats by small margins. The tories are mobilising every vote they can. People need to start organising better. You can have up to 3 votes, your own vote and 2 proxy votes. So if your friends are away travelling, or ill or just had a baby, or away working… you can vote proxy for them……. I’m sure everyone on my friends list has got 2 friends who can’t get to a polling station _____—- Ask them if they want to give you their vote by proxy for the general election so that every single vote gets cast. Also, postal voting is good but people don’t sort it out in time, But …. You can arrange a proxy vote up to 5pm on election date if you’re too ill or have to work….. Get on it…..Deadline for arranging for general election is 31st May………… If you want to share this post, please copy and paste and don’t tag me in it. Thanks xxx
So, if this is being read by any of my friends who can’t vote for any reason, let me know and I’ll sort out the proxy thing. xx”