Independents truly hold balance of power at Cornwall Council

“Power talks between the Conservative and Independent groups on Cornwall Council have broken down, with claims the Independents want disproportionate power.

This month’s local elections left the authority in limbo and no party in overall control. The Conservatives had the biggest number of councillors and new group leader Phil Seeva was hoping to woo the Independents to join them in a coalition.

But Councillor Seeva has released in a statement saying they have been unable to reach an agreement, and claimed the Indies “want an amount of power and influence on the council that is not proportionate”. He added that the Tories would consider approaching other councillors and look to form their own administration.

But there are a number of possible outcomes, including the Lib Dems – who’ve been waiting in the wings – reuniting with the Independents. Those two groups ran the local authority in a coalition until the 4 May poll.”

Source: BBC Devon Live website