Criminal damage and theft of Claire Wright publicity boards

Several people are reporting that boards supporting Independent Parliamentary candidate Claire Wright are being torn down and taken away during the night, particularly in Newton Poppleford.

This is criminal theft, criminal damage and, perhaps, also trespass.

Board owners might wish to train their webcams on their boards – just to see which raptors alight on them, of course.

Someone very, very frit of the lady – wonder who?

One thought on “Criminal damage and theft of Claire Wright publicity boards

  1. It might also be against some form of election law too.

    But more importantly, IMO this is indicative of Hugo Swine’s Tory supporters being so frightened that Claire is now going to win, that they are resorting to dirty and illegal tactics like ripping down her signs in order to try to stop it happening.

    I hereby call upon Hugo Swire to state publicly and for the record that he disagrees with this happening and requests that his supporters to stop doing it.


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