Parliamentary candidate Peter Faithfull (Ind) running to publicise 40 year old local murder case

One has to ask if this is a proper use of the parliamentary election process and indeed whether it was an appropriate use of his district council bid (which was successful as he now represents Ottery St Mary):


5 thoughts on “Parliamentary candidate Peter Faithfull (Ind) running to publicise 40 year old local murder case

  1. I’m very happy with the single issue warriors of this world because they, as in this case, often show selfless character and a burning desire to see the right thing done. If this sort of man is elected to Parliament then he can apply these qualities to other issues. Well done Mr Faithfull. You win my vote and respect.


    • A vote for Peter Faithful = 1/2 a vote for Swire.

      Even if your inclination is to vote for Peter Faithful, unfortunately the reality is that he hasn’t a chance of being elected.

      If you want to stop Hugo Swine being returned yet again as MP, then in this election you have to vote tactically and vote for Claire Wright.


    • Nobody who might be in a position to do anything about his allegations seems to have picked it up and initated any action and I’d have expected them to have done so by now if this tactic were effective. So, yes, a vote for him is a vote for Swire- who knows all about the allegations anyway and whom we can assume hasn’t done anything to satisfy the candidate.


    • I admire Faithfull’s tenacity, but this campaigning issue is not right or appropriate, for either the District or General Election forums. This General Election is probably one of the most vital elections in recent history and we have to ensure that all votes are cast to make a difference and must meet the needs of those of us living and working in East Devon. We cannot sustain another period under the ‘representation’ of Swire. We urgently need an MP who will clearly fight for the rights of residents within East Devon, this has not and will not be forthcoming if Swire is elected as our MP yet again. There is only one person who fully meets this requirement and it is our Independent candidate Claire Wright. We cannot and should not elect an MP, bringing only one issue to the table. I would see this most certainly as an abuse of process. no matter how well being. Votes must not be wasted and as there are only 2 clear candidates that have a chance of becoming our MP namely Wright or Swire, surely all other candidates should now be supporting them by no longer pushing themselves forward for election, which they have absolutely no chance of achieving. So can I please implore all other candidates to not muddy the waters and allow the only possible successful candidates to get on with the job. Claire Wright cares and works extremely hard for us in East Devon and as our MP the sky will be her only limit.


  2. I , and many,many others searched for Genette Tate on Woodbury common back in 1978 clearly without any success.
    Her disappearance and the mystery behind it will always be there.
    I admire his tenacity in trying to resolve the case, but standing for Parliament on the one issue is surely not the way to proceed.
    If he has sound evidence, then the police and CPS are the proper route to follow.


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