How do we fund the NHS? Well, maybe we could start here

The High Speed 2 rail link is running billions over budget and likely to be delayed, MPs have warned. They say ministers must set out a realistic timetable for delivering the project, currently expected to cost more than £55bn.

Members of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said they were “not convinced” by the current schedule, describing it as “overly ambitious”.

The first phase of HS2, between London and the West Midlands, is due to open in December 2026. But minister and bosses at HS2 Ltd, the company behind the project, are now looking at extending this by a year, MPs said.”

iF HS2 were economically viable private companies would be falling over themselves to fund it and make money from it.

And now with Brexit we really won’t need that cross-Channel connection to those durned foreigners and potential immigrants will we!

Perhaps we could prioritise – first fix the NHS and then, when that’s sorted and working properly for all of us, we can possibly think of funding a 20 minute time-saving on the time between London and Birmingham – more than offset by the 20 minute-plus extra time taken to get to the stations by road due to increasing traffic congestion!

Not to mention that, in the south-west, we will see no benefit whatsover from HS2 – quite the opposite.