Midweek Herald TOTALLY ignores General Election!

Not one word on next week’s General Election in this week’s Midweek Herald! No profiles of candidates, no letters, nothing.

It’s almost like they don’t know it’s taking place.

Good job the (non) newspaper is free.

2 thoughts on “Midweek Herald TOTALLY ignores General Election!

  1. What no outer promoting the Tories, as per Express and Echo only a few weeks ago? Also no letters section in Archant’s Exmouth Journal- pity as usually it’s the only thing worth reading


  2. Well, it’s not like the election is important or anything.

    After all, it’s only about whether the NHS survives or not, whether we will all be poor or not (super-rich Tory Party donors excepted of course), whether thousand or hundreds of thousands of people will die because of lack of social care or not, whether our children will be properly educated or not, and whether we have a hard brexit with hundreds of thousands of job losses or not.

    Nothing important in that list, is there?


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