School funding cuts – now you see them, now you don’t

“Last week Justine Greening fudged her own figures – and challenged ours.

Following her announcement, she dared us to update the numbers on

But by deliberately announcing an incomplete school funding formula, Justine has made it impossible to do a school-by-school calculation.

The Department for Education is withholding the final school funding formula until September.

Without the full picture, we don’t have enough information to show the real impact of the latest announcement on your school.

As teachers we know that statistics can be used to obscure the truth or to reveal it.

That’s why we will never release numbers until we are sure they are right – and it’s why we must keep scrutinising the Government’s numbers too.

In her school funding announcement, Justine Greening claimed there’s “additional investment” for schools. But the Chancellor hasn’t agreed any new money.

We know that to cover the shortfall in school spending, we need much more than what’s been promised.

And until Philip Hammond announces extra funding for the education budget from the Treasury, we are ultimately looking at a critical cut in school spending.

This is not a win. We can’t allow the Department for Education to pull the wool over the eyes of parents and teachers.

The Government will be expecting us to fall for their trick and back down.

This summer is a test of our resolve. As MPs head home to their constituencies, we must keep challenging them.

Our campaign is already being felt across all rungs of Parliament.

We can’t stop now. Are you in?

Andrew Baisley

School Cuts Campaign”