Swire on May

“… Theresa May. I’m not denying there are issues around her leadership. But her vilification is damaging our prospects as a nation. There is no knight-in-shining-armour statesman or woman waiting in the wings to replace her. For now, we need to reconcile ourselves to practical governing as the Brexit process grinds on. She may have her faults but she is also dutiful and she is diligent and she deserves our support during these difficult negotiations.”


What a damning condemnation of current Tories: “we don’t have anyone better so put up and shut up”!

And “Dutiful and diligent” – sounds like an end of term report on a pupil who hasn’t achieved anything but her teacher is desperately trying to say something positive!

One thought on “Swire on May

  1. I think this shambles of which Swire is part is one of the worst two governments in my lifetime,
    Cameron’s being the other. I really can’t say much more apart from the fact that the British public will suffer because of its governance and decades will pass before a sensible public spirited government is able to right the wrongs…


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