Exmouth Regeneration Board notes* – not all going to plan**

*They can’t be called minutes as it can only make recommendations not take decisions

** Assuming there is a plan

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Catering contract marketed with no water or electricity but this will be “overcome” with containers!

“JL reported that a three year temporary catering provision had been marketed and received a lot of interest, with returns expected by 21 July 2017. It was unrealistic to expect anything to be operating on the site this summer season, but it could be a year round offer. The successful tender would be decided on the price/quality offer. The visitor survey had provided evidence for demand for the type of offer at Orcombe Point.

There was an issue with no direct water or electricity services on site, although it was possible that these could be overcome.

It was likely that the provision would be in the form of a containerised structure. The planning conditions were fairly light, including the need to clad any structure to be in keeping with the environment.”

EDDC might “invest” in the Magnolia Centre:

“Members noted that there was the need to look at the retail plan for the town centre. However, it was acknowledged that there was a problem with the disparate ownership of property throughout the town centre, and whether EDDC should consider investing some of its reserves in the purchase of land, such as Magnolia Centre.”

No lease agreed with Grenadier:

“The development agreement and lease had not yet been completed with Grenadier, although it was hoped that points could be finalised with the legal times the following week. It was hoped that an application would come in September.”

2 thoughts on “Exmouth Regeneration Board notes* – not all going to plan**

  1. What madness is this closing visitor attractions with nothing signed up yet? Grenadier still not ready? Amateurs. Only project they’ve completed in renovation of a pub!


  2. From the Regeneration Board minutes:  The Harbour View lease would end at the end of September and come back to EDDC in October 2107. Members discussed what to do with the building in the short term.
    The building is not to be demolished as Coastwatch will continue to occupy, hence if there no plans for the building & EDDC are undecided what to do with the building, why has the Harbour View café had their tenure ended. Surely it would make sense to allow the café to continue trading, generating an income for the council, rather than see the building become derelict?

    As I understand the plan the Harbour View is phase 3 so still a long way off.


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