Budleigh Salterton mail gets eaten by snails

Royal Mail apology after Budleigh Film Society letter ‘damaged’ by snails

Budleigh Film Society recently discovered why it hadn’t received a particular membership letter – it was attacked by snails.

An envelope which contained a cheque for the membership fee of the club was devoured by hungry snails in one of Royal Mail’s post boxes.

The group’s membership secretary Fiona Hennah was surprised to discover a letter from Royal Mail explaining the issue.

In the letter, Royal Mail Exeter said: “The item was found during a scheduled collection from a posting box and has been damaged by snails.

“Unfortunately, we find that slugs and snails still occasionally manage to creep into the apertures, fall down into the box and start eating the glue/adhesive on the stamps and envelopes.”

Fiona said she was surprised to receive the letter from Royal Mail and that most of the envelope was eaten away but the cheque remained intact.”


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