Companies make £44 billion profit, directors take £270m but don’t pay living wage

“Nearly half of our top 100 companies raked in a combined £44billion in profits last year while refusing to pay a proper living wage.

At the same time, the fat cat bosses of those firms pocketed nearly £270million between them, a Mirror probe found.

A third of FTSE 100 firms have now pledged to pay all staff, agency workers and contractors the “real” living wage.

The Living Wage Foundation sets this at £8.45 an hour or £9.75 in London – above the government’s National Living Wage of £7.50 for 25 and overs.

There are 33 FTSE 100 firms accredited with the LWF and the other two-thirds include a small number that pay all staff and contractors above the rates but have not signed-up to the scheme.” …