“Coasting schools”not dealt with despite government promise to do so

“No ‘coasting’ schools have been forced to become academies despite a Tory manifesto pledge two years ago, new figures show.

In the run up to the 2015 election, the Conservatives promised to take over every school not considered to be pushing its pupils hard enough.

Hundreds of schools were thought have to been in this category – but new data released under the Freedom of Information Act suggests none have become academies as a result.

The Department for Education said that forced academisation was only ever intended for ‘a small minority of cases’ …

Of the 756 schools and academies that were branded as ‘coasting’ and have not since closed, more than half – 51 per cent – were told no further action was needed, and 49 per cent were told they needed some extra support.
In only one case did Regional Schools Commissioners (RSCs) use any of their other powers – a termination warning notice was issued to the Basildon Upper Academy. …”


One thought on ““Coasting schools”not dealt with despite government promise to do so

  1. Hmm … another false statement from the Conservatives when they promised to take action. Presumably if asked, Theresa will tell us that they “are aware of coasting schools” and are “looking into it” like the Maybot says about everything else.

    Honestly, is there actually anything that they say that can be believed?

    If anyone knows of a promise made by the Conservatives to benefit ordinary people like us which has actually been kept, can they post it here please.


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