And just as interest rates are predicted to rise – Javid says government should borrow to build houses!

Owl says: suddenly when Tories see that lack of suitable housing = losing Tory votes, NOW it’s ok to borrow!

And who will the borrowed money go to – developers!

“The government should borrow money to fund the building of hundreds of thousands of new homes, a cabinet minister says.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said taking advantage of record-low interest rates “can be the right thing if done sensibly”.

Housing charity Shelter said his comments suggested the government was “going in the right direction”.

Labour said spending on new affordable homes had been “slashed” since 2010.
It comes as Mr Javid launched an eight-week review of housing, in which he has called on the industry to offer solutions to the home-buying and selling process. …

… Asked about the change in tone from the Tories’ previous approach to borrowing, Mr Javid said a distinction should be drawn between “vitally important” deficit reduction and “investing for the future” in housing and infrastructure.

“So for example… you borrow more to invest in the infrastructure that leads to more housing – take advantage of some of the record-low interest rates that we have. I think we should absolutely be considering that,” he said.” …