Update on “Stop the new plans to dismantle our NHS” petition

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It is becoming clear that the mandated cuts of £22bn over 5 years the 44 STPs were supposedly ‘planned’ to fix, are not going to be possible in spite of some Hospital Trusts and CCGs doing what they said they would do to ‘deliver’ the NHS England mandated harsh, control totals.

Why are we not surprised?

The NHS Constitution has been broken in Hertfordshire where the CCG has decided to stop elective operations indefinitely for people who smoke and those with a BMI of 30 and above, in spite of fierce opposition from the Royal College of Surgeons and decidedly NOT the answer.

The obscene cost of a ‘market structure’ at the heart of the NHS is ignored in all this, obscured as many new MPs find out on entering Parliament and asking the question, by the fact that not one NHS body has the mandate to collect the information. This must be policy!

Academics estimate 12 to 30% NHS budget goes on transactions costs of the market, the high costs of PFI and prices of drugs and technologies (which rise ahead of NHS pay) in addition to the costs of management consultants. All this and not a patient treated. This must also be policy.

GPs and CCGs are not open about whether you are referred for treatment to an NHS or non-NHS organisation, ie for-profit, Community Interest Company or charity.

These plans are a smokescreen for further privatisation and finance industry involvement in the NHS.


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Thanks for staying with us! We appreciate it greatly. With your help we CAN win this!”