“Thousands of homeowners earning more than £100,000 have been given at least £250 million in taxpayers’ money as part of the Government’s Help to Buy scheme”

“Thousands of wealthy homeowners in Britain are receiving hundreds of million of pounds from public money under the Government’s scheme designed to help first-time buyers.

A staggering 5,545 homeowners earning more than £100,000-a-year have benefited from Help to Buy scheme which is aimed at helping people get on the housing ladder.

Data analysis also revealed that of the 5,545 homeowners earning more than £100,000-a-year, 1,287 of those already owned a property.

If householders earning above £100,000 received the same size loan as other groups on average, it would mean they are claiming at least £280m of public money in the past five years.

Richer households are likely to buyer more expensive homes, which could mean the true figure is much higher. …“