“Austerity will have cast an extra 1.5m children into poverty by 2021”

“An extra 1.5 million children will have been pitched into poverty by 2021 as a consequence of the government’s austerity programme, according to a study of the impact of tax and benefit policy by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The EHRC study forecasts dramatic increases in poverty rates among children in lone parent and minority ethnic households, families with disabled children and households with three or more children.

There are clear winners and losers from austerity tax and benefits changes since 2010, the study says. The regressive nature of the policies means that low-income families have been hit hardest: the poorest fifth will lose 10% of income by 2021, while the wealthiest fifth will see little or no change. …”


One thought on ““Austerity will have cast an extra 1.5m children into poverty by 2021”

  1. Notice that the Guardian talks about top and bottom 20%. If you look at the top 1% of the population, they have actually trebled their income since Maggie Thatcher came to power – in 1979 they earned 5% of GDP, now they earn 15% of GDP and still growing.

    Anyone still believe that the Conservatives are NOT the NASTY PARTY????


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