Children in Dickensian poverty – thank you, Tories

“… Headteachers from schools in deprived areas of England, Wales and Northern Ireland say they are having to provide basic services such as washing school uniforms for pupils from poor households, and are even paying for budget advice and counselling services for parents.

Teachers and school leaders also said they were regularly providing sanitary products such as tampons for pupils, buying shoes and coats in winter, and in some cases giving emergency loans in cash to families. …”

One thought on “Children in Dickensian poverty – thank you, Tories

  1. This is just the kind of news that Georgian Swire feels comfortable with.
    The divisive policies that he and his wealthy chums drive through ensure that people like him can be paid immoral amounts for doing bugger all apart from agree to their name and MP being printed on the letterheads of unsavoury companies.
    Any company that would pay the kind of money Swire gets cannot be bona fide in my opinion!
    It won’t be long if things progress before we see our local t**t of an MP in tights and powdered wig !
    Happy Easter to those who believe in magic!


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