Those “little extras” in the education budget …

“Parents Are Contributing Money, Pens, Even Loo Roll To Their Kids’ Hard Up Schools:

Parents are coughing up an average of £11 a month to their children’s schools to help meet education funding shortfalls, a survey has shown, and many are being asked to provide items as basic as stationery and loo roll.

The parents and education charity Parentkind commissioned a survey of 1,500 parents and found that two in five are asked to contribute to a general school fund, to be used in whatever way the school needs.

The average monthly voluntary donation by parents has increased by more than a quarter in a year, rising from a reported £8.90 in 2017 to £11.35 in 2018.

Jo Murricane, 39, from Leeds, who has a four and seven-year-old, told HuffPost UK that her child’s school often asks parents to make monetary contributions. “Basically, the contributions cover all the things the school can’t afford, but that will really benefit the pupils and their learning,” she says, citing bakes sales and school trips. “I don’t really mind, but it’s hard to see the school struggle to make ends meet in this way, due to underfunding.”

One thought on “Those “little extras” in the education budget …

  1. I cannot see how Theresa May has the gall to misquote statistics and claim that they are providing record funding for schools.

    Thousands of head teachers say otherwise, parents say otherwise, and even the statistics quoted say otherwise once you look closely at them.

    If education was the only public service in these straights it might be fixable, but it isn’t. The police, prison service, probation service, road infrastructure, NHS, mental health, social services, almost every local council etc. are all in the same situation. THEY ARE ALL ON CLIFF EDGES.

    In simple terms, this country’s public services are now BROKEN across the board. And it Tory austerity that has done it – an austerity that has doubled the national debt rather than halved it – perhaps because of the tax cuts they have given their friends and party donors to make the already obscenely rich even richer.

    When four years ago we decided to retire abroad it was for the shallowest of reasons – we wanted to live somewhere warmer in the winter. I readily admit that you can’t get much shallower than that. But on the last four years this country has changed beyond all recognition.

    Every day I read newspaper articles about how the UK Government is being nasty to someone at the bottom of the ladder, who needs a helping hand up rather than to be kicked when down – being British used to mean having compassion for the less well off, but now it means every person for themselves.

    And every day I read newspaper articles about broken public services – public services which used to be the envy of the world, but which are now broken and making life difficult for anyone who doesn’t have private alternative – public transport is broken so unless you have a car you find life more difficult, health service is cancelling not just individual operations but whole classes of illness unless of course you have private medical cover, the education system is at breaking point unable to afford even the very basics unless of course you have private education for your kids etc.

    In the last four years this country has been broken – broken by the Conservatives – and has become a nasty, greedy, racist country that encourages the worst in people. I now tell people openly that I am ashamed to be British because of what this country has become.


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