“More than a million public sector workers on less than ‘real’ Living Wage”

“Nearly 1.2 million public sector workers are paid less than the “real” Living Wage, campaigners reveal today.

Some 638,000 local government and council workers, including 389,000 directly-employed staff and 249,000 with third-party outsourcing firms, earn less than £9 an hour or £10.55 in London, according to Smith Institute data for the Living Wage Foundation.

Another 335,000 health workers, including 204,000 directly-employed staff and 131,000 with outsourcing companies, pocket less than the minimum experts say is needed for a decent stand of living.

The tally also includes 98,000 university workers, 60,000 of whom are directly employed by institutions.

The 1.2 million army of low-paid workers perform vital roles such as cleaning, catering and security at public building across the country.

Other workers earning less than the Living Wage include teaching assistants, caretakers, maintenance workers, binmen, sports centre staff and nursery nurses. …”