Voters under 50 hold key to election success or failure – even for Boris Johnson

Young voters are vital to democracy in East Devon, where older voters are, by and large, over-represented on voting day compared to younger ones. If young(er) people in the district want their say and want to influence it, they must register and vote.

“Boris Johnson could lose his seat to a surge of younger voters, research shows.

The Tory leadership hopeful’s 5,000 majority is at risk after his party has failed to attract enough voters under the age of 40.

Research conducted by new Conservative supporting thing tank Onward has suggested that Mr Johnson’s Uxbridge and South Ruislip is “vulnerable”.

Their analysis suggests that a Conservative seat is vulnerable lose if the ratio of younger voters, under 40, rises above 1.1 for every older voter over 60.

According to the think tank in 2017 the ‘tipping point age’ – the median age at which a voter is more likely to vote Conservative than Labour – was 47 years old.

But it has increased in the last two years to 51 years old. … “