“Housing minister Esther McVey mocked for saying ‘3D architects’ are now building homes ‘on computers’ “

“Housing minister Esther McVey has faced widespread ridicule on social media after she praised “new” methods of home building at the Conservative Party conference.

Addressing crowds at an event in Manchester titled ‘Are We Solving the Housing Crisis?’, Ms McVey spoke excitedly about innovative technologies.

The Minister for Housing and Planning praised a “new way” of doing things, with the potential to draw more young people into construction,

“We’ve got to get more people into construction full stop,” she said.

“But if we have this new way of doing it – 3D architects, 3D visionaries – doing it with it on a computer… there’s a whole new raft of jobs.”

However, as Twitter users were quick to point out, her suggested methods were not, in fact, new.

Architects have been using computers for planning since the 1980s, and a house cannot be built without full dimensions.

In the hours following the self-styled “problem solver’s” suggestions, social media was flooded with mocking or confused comments.

“Esther McVey is telling Tory conference about ‘3D architects’ who are ‘doing it on a computer’. I don’t know much about the process of designing buildings but I thought that was quite normal, especially the 3D element,” wrote one Twitter ‘

Esther McVey just solved the housing crisis. Just make the houses 2D and you can do it all at a fraction of the price! #ConservativeConference2019,” tweeted another.

“Thank goodness I’ll soon be able to leave my 2d house…#EstherMcVey #planegeometry,” commented another.

“Thank god Esther McVey is here to transform house building to make it fit for the 21st century,” tweeted another alongside a movie set scattered with one-sided buildings.

“EXCLUSIVE: Leaked pictures of the architectural designs for Esther McVey’s new home,” added another, with an child-like drawing of a house, done on an Etch a sketch.”