Daily Telegraph sees Claire Wright as potential winner in East Devon

“East Devon doesn’t seem like a natural place for a revolution. Its gentle landscape, retirement communities and well-kept seaside towns don’t suggest a predilection for insurrection.

Indeed, in its various guises, the seat has been represented by a Conservative MP for 150 years. Yet next month, voters across Exmouth and its surroundings could be the first to elect an independent first-time MP in England for nearly two decades.

Claire Wright is standing in the seat for the third time, having come second at both previous attempts. Her share of the vote surged in 2017, leaving her with 21,000 votes to Sir Hugo Swire’s 29,000. …”

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One thought on “Daily Telegraph sees Claire Wright as potential winner in East Devon

  1. We just know you can do it Claire.We in East Devon deserve an honest trustworthy MP. One who actually knows her constituents problems , worries and concerns. The whole of the UK could benefit from a candidate like you on the ballot paper. We know we can trust you implicitly. You have no hidden agenda or self seeking ambitions.Why did they not invite you to speak on national radio or TV?. I am sure the electorate would be more interested in politics if they knew that genuine people like yourself are wanting to make a change that is positive and puts us ordinary folk in the sights of politicians awaiting election.
    We wish you every success in your campaign to become our MP.
    Kind Regards
    Joy Cole


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