SINO – Scrutiny in Name Only

Owl had a distinct feeling of deja vu on reading this. If it didn’t concern the disdain our councillors, once elected, feel they can treat their electors, it would be funny. It appears all the adults must have left the room. Not EDDC this time but Teighnbridge.

There were fun and games at the Teignbridge Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Friday, February 7. If by ‘fun and games’ you mean a spectacle of avoiding scrutiny while being on a committee. It all revolved around the contentious NA3 development that apparently nobody wants – apart from those who voted for it. And the whole council is powerless to stop, despite their green aspirations and the many other reasons to refuse it.

Use of “Procedures”

You’d think a ‘Scrutiny’ committee would want to scrutinise. But there are procedures and processes. And the point of these procedures and processes seems to be to ensure that scrutiny is kept out of the committee. Whereby it can be brushed under a carpet, the carpet burned and followed by a denial there was ever was a carpet. But with the dust of the issues still remaining. At which point you’d be accused of being vexatious if you continued to want an answer. [You’d be surprised how accurate this clumsy extended metaphor is, from what we’ve heard.]…………

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