What’s happening with the Exmouth seafront redevelopment?

DevonLive has just published yet another article on the Exmouth seafront development. This repeats the story about the delay caused by the findings from the scrutiny committee. It also gives an update on Phase 2 and a history of the ill fated project to date.

It has prompted a correspondent to observe: “Sadly, seeing as it seems likely many hotels and restaurants may soon go to the wall, so fragile is the business model for tourism at the moment, Scrutiny may well have done the best thing for Ingham!

Once the tourism sector shows its winners and losers, the local seaside towns may have to radically reinvent themselves yet again.”

Daniel Clark  www.devonlive.com

It is now eight years since as part of the Exmouth Masterplan, East Devon District Council released its plans for an ambitious, and what proved to be controversial, redevelopment scheme for the seafront.

The plans have faced delay after delay, the latest last Thursday when the council’s scrutiny committee agreed that panel agreeing the selection criteria for the marketing exercise to identify a developer for the Queen’s Drive site was not properly balanced…..

……..But phase 2 of the seafront project, the new watersports centre, in complete contrast, is on budget and on time, and is set to open this summer, as planned.

Aiden Johnson-Hugill, Director, Grenadier said that they are still aiming for practical completion in June or July, as construction has been slightly affected by the weather. He said: “We are targeting being open for the summer holidays. It’s a bit like Christmas, you can’t miss it.

“The big thing is we are on site. In part, as a result of the highways works which means the magic of the site is that it has direct beach access. Developments are often precluded with a road or an esplanade but here you can walk straight across.

“Our contractors are doing a good job and we chose them as they have a proven track record of delivering marine developments and ultimately will be handed back to the community, so we didn’t want to build something shoddy. We are on budget and within the parameters of tolerance for the construction timescale.”

(Article then summarises the full development history)

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