Three [more] Honiton councillors resign in a week!!!

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Three resignations has seen Honiton Town Council left with seven vacancies out of 18 positions.

Former councillor James Wyatt resigned last weekend citing ‘bullying and harassment’, allegations which have previously been vigorously rejected, by Honiton mayor, Councillor John Zarczynski, while councillors Ray Hanratty and Terry Darrant resigned on Monday (June 8).

In a letter to the council, Mr Wyatt said the situation was ‘endemic’ and that he has reported his concerns to the East Devon District Council (EDDC) monitoring officer.

When asked by the Herald, the EDDC said it would not be appropriate for the monitoring officer to comment.

Mr Wyatt also expressed concern at the reopening of Honiton Market.

He said his resignation was because he could do ‘little else’ to highlight the issues and effect change.

Six resignations have occurred in the past three months with Nathan Hannay, Jason Hannay and former deputy mayor Duncan Sheridan-Shaw all choosing to leave the council.

Honiton mayor, Councillor John Zarczynski declined to comment on the resignations.