Furious Tory activists accuse Sasha Swire of ‘betraying friends’

Oh dear the “toilet seats” seem to be suffering from a sense of humour failure at the moment and the secret diaries aren’t even published yet.

Looks to Owl that EDDC Conservative Councillor Maddy Chapman, Exmouth Brixington, will be crossing Hugo Swire off her Christmas List as well.

(Will Hugo notice, Owl wonders?)

from Nick Constable www.dailymail.co.uk 

The wife of ex-Minister Hugo Swire has been accused by furious Tory activists in his former constituency of ‘betraying’ friends with her indiscretion-heavy memoir.

Sasha Swire’s tell-all book – Diary Of An MP’s Wife: Inside And Outside Power – lifts the lid on sex and political shenanigans in the party, describing David Cameron as ‘drunken Dave’ with a filthy mouth, Boris Johnson as ‘calculating’ and Theresa May as a ‘glumbucket’.

Lady Swire, 57, sent her diaries to a publisher last year after her husband retired as East Devon MP.

Last night Maddy Chapman, a Conservative district councillor there for 12 years, said local party members were ‘absolutely disgusted’ at the way she had breached the confidence of friends.

Sasha Swire, pictured with husband Hugo, has been accused by furious Tory activists in his former constituency of ‘betraying’ friends with her indiscretion-heavy memoir

‘She has shown herself for what she is,’ said Mrs Chapman. ‘She has absolutely no class whatsoever.

‘This has not gone down at all well in the constituency. Everyone I speak to is less than impressed and some, including myself, are absolutely disgusted.

‘Sasha Swire has never mixed within the local community, not even within our local party.

‘I suspect a lot of people will be crossing the Swires off their Christmas card list.


[Cllr Maddy Chapman’s claim that Lady Sasha “has absolutely no class whatsoever”, misses the point. Sasha operates in a class way beyond Maddy’s. Completely different rules apply – Owl]

2 thoughts on “Furious Tory activists accuse Sasha Swire of ‘betraying friends’

  1. Who cares about what Hugo (or Sasha, or any of them) feels about anything, let alone the most appropriate candidate for East Devon’s MP in the last general election (ref your earlier posts, Owl). I am of the (undiarised) view that Clare Wright looks better, is better educated, is a better politician, is a more rounded, more grounded, more sound in mind, in body, in spirit, in manners, in habits, in life… than any member (tumescent or flaccid) of effete aristocracy of this benighted country will ever be. They should remember – ‘Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold…’ and by God I do not wish ever to witness whatever it is they are willing onwards in its slouch towards Bethlehem….


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