Breaking news: Honiton Chamber sever all ties with Town Council

Honiton and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry have cut all ties with Honiton Town Council – cancelling their membership with immediate effect.

Hannah Corfield

The unusual move to disassociate themselves from the town council comes after a meeting held last Wednesday (30 Sept), where it was unanimously agreed that they were ‘unfit’ for membership.

In an explosive letter, Vice Chairman Joseph M Furneaux-Gotch stated: “At a recent meeting the current behaviour of Honiton Town Council was discussed at length; including the allegations and ongoing incidents of bullying in the workplace, poor treatment of staff leading to numerous resignations and litigations; continued unnecessary litigation undertaken by the council; together with the lack of support and service given to Honiton Town recently.

“This in no small way is as a result of money wasted on unnecessary legal fees which continue to this day.

“The shroud of secrecy purveyed by the council in continuing the outdated principle of Part ‘B’ meeting for anything other than discussions regarding commercial tendering left us in no doubt of the need for action.

“It was agreed unanimously that Honiton Town Council, not being a body fit for membership of the Chamber of Commerce, should be excluded from membership forthwith.

“We are saddened to find this very unusual step necessary, but feel strongly the need to disassociate the Chamber from all and every activity of the current Honiton Town Council.

“Therefore membership of Honiton and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry is cancelled with immediate effect.”

Honiton Nub News has contacted Mayor John Zarczynski for comment and is awaiting response.