More on: Police throw 100 ‘drunken’ youths off Devon beach and issue warning to visitors

Story goes national.

Police have issued a stark warning to visitors after they were forced to throw 100 drunken yobs off a beach in Devon.

Lorraine King 

Officers from Exmouth Police were called to Orcombe Point following complaints of anti-social behaviour on Saturday.

The rowdy mob were then dispersed, and police are now warning others to behave when visiting the area during high temperatures, Devon Live reports.

In a statement on their Facebook, a spokesperson for Exmouth Police said: ”On Saturday late afternoon, around 100 drunken youths were seen causing a disturbance on the beach below Orcombe Point. Police officers attended and youths were dispersed.

”Exmouth currently has a public space protection order (PSPO) in parts of the town.

”East Devon District Council are currently running a consultation process to extend the PSPO to cover the beach and seafront. The PSPO restricts certain activities linked to anti-social behaviour […]

”We welcome all visitors to the town but would like to remind people to behave appropriately.

”We don’t want to stop people from having fun but please take your litter home, use the toilets provided and drink responsibly.”

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police added: ”A Section 35 Dispersal Order of the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act was authorised for Exmouth seafront, following concerns of the anti-social behaviour.”

Police were called to Exmouth beach amid reports of a large group of ‘drunken youths’ causing a disturbance.

They found roughly 100 youngsters behaving anti-socially and took action to disperse them. No one was arrested, officers said.