Keep calm – wear a jumper

Faced with queues at the petrol pumps; empty shelves; rising fuel prices; welfare cuts; imminent tax rises and a Prime Minister who is on holiday [or has he fled the chaos?], this seems practical advice – Owl 

Extract from Trevor Phillips interview with Kwasi Kwarteng. See more here 

Asked if he would advise people to wear another woolly jumper to keep warm this winter, Mr Kwarteng said: “It’s up to people – it’s amazing how different people’s cold thresholds can be very different.

“Some people feel comfortable wrapped up in lots of different clothes, others wear relatively little – I think people should be sensible. I think people should do what they feel comfortable with.”

Pressed on whether this meant he was telling people to turn down their thermostat and put on more clothing, he said: “My job as an energy minister is not to tell people how many layers of clothing they should wear, that’s not really my job.”