When the cat’s away, the mice will play

Making things up as we go along!

According to the Telegraph, Boris Johnson is reportedly now staying at a luxurious estate in southern Spain owned through a company by Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park, a government minister and close friend of the Johnsons. The house, according to reports, sleeps 13 and costs as much as £25,000 a week to rent, although it is unclear on what terms the Johnsons are staying there.

So, again according to the Telegraph, the Treasury on Sunday night accused Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary, of making misleading claims about government plans to offer an energy bailout to struggling factories.

In a series of television interviews on Sunday, Mr Kwarteng admitted that factories facing closure because of soaring energy costs was a “critical situation”.

Questioned about whether he had asked for extra money from the Treasury to support them, he said: “I have not asked for billions. We’ve got existing schemes. I’m working very closely with Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, to get us through this situation.

“I think he showed a great deal of flexibility when he allowed £500 million to be dispersed by local authorities for vulnerable consumers, and we’re working to see what we can do in terms of protecting industry.”

However, Treasury sources issued a swift rebuke to Sky News, with one saying: “This is not the first time the BEIS [Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy] Secretary has made things up in interviews. To be crystal clear, the Treasury is not involved in any talks.”

Where is “Deputy Dawg” Dominic Raab, surely not on holiday as well? – Owl?

One thought on “When the cat’s away, the mice will play

  1. The way that the government is handling the energy crisis is IMO going to be a disaster. You cannot fix fundamental economic crises with sticking plaster solutions.

    Businesses do not benefit from the energy price cap and they will face the full impact of soaring energy prices and many will not survive. The government is literally doing nothing to prevent this, and whilst soaring energy prices may not be a result of Brexit, there is no doubt in my mind that when the energy price crisis comes on top of the impact of Brexit, many businesses (particularly small- and medium-sized businesses) will simply not survive.

    The energy price cap for consumers is simply going to result in even more gas companies going bust, reducing choice for the consumer, and favouring energy companies who have a significant base of business customers whose prices are not capped, and favouring the larger energy companies that have deeper pockets whilst pushing smaller consumer focused energy companies to the wall.

    Coincidentally, not only is it likely that small- to medium-sized businesses will be more likely to fail, but the Tory party is funded by donations from the larger business owners and businesses. You will need to decide for yourself as to whether this is deliberate policy due to cause and effect, or alternatively just plain incompetence.


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