Current state of the local NHS overstretch

From a correspondent:

A friend fell in the centre of Exeter at about 8.30 pm on Saturday evening.  It was a bad fall and she had obviously hurt her arm and her collar-bone and was in great pain.  A local shopkeeper called an ambulance and 30 minutes later called again and was told there were none available. 

After one and a half hours lying on the concrete pavement the ambulance service sent a local taxi to pick her up.  The lady’s partner had to get her into the taxi for the journey to RD&E A&E and had to help her out when they got there as the taxi driver was not allowed to touch her.  

She had dislocated her shoulder and spent 12 hours in A&E before she was allowed home.

One thought on “Current state of the local NHS overstretch

  1. This is not “Overstretch” – everyone needs to recognise that this is deliberate “Underfunding” by a government intent on privatisation, and which needs a failing NHS as an excuse to privatise.


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