Simon and Neil, are your rivers fit to play in?

And the sea?

Chances are: probably not.

Owl easily finds sites in each constituency discharging on average more than once a week.

Search the interactive map here.

The key is simple, the bigger the brown blob, the worse it is. Hover mouse over online map to get details of how many discharges occurred in 2020 and for how many hours. “Avoid entering the water immediately downstream of these discharges and avoid the overflows, especially after it has been raining.”

Here are some examples averaging well over one discharge a week for each site!

One thought on “Simon and Neil, are your rivers fit to play in?

  1. With this disgraceful situation how could Simon Jupp, and indeed any MP, vote to reject the Lord’s proposals.
    Not only in Budleigh do we get the pollution from the river (farm discharges plus all the sewage discharges from upstream of the Otter) and the two brook outlets.
    We had 90 discharges from Newton Poppleford turning up in our bay in 2020! 137 from Honiton!
    No wonder our water quality prediction display has not worked all year.


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