Rebel MPs told “they would lose funding for their constituency”

Today’s Politico newsletter:

The FT’s George Parker, Laura Hughes and Seb Payne reveal possible Tory rebels were told “they would lose funding for their constituency” if they voted against the amendment. A Tory veteran tells Jim Pickard: “Any MP who believed this deserves to have funding removed for being a thick gullible tw*t.” Labour’s Anneliese Dodds blasts: “Threatening to hold money back from voters and their communities, all to protect a Tory MP who broke the rules. If true this marks a new low for Johnson’s scandal-ridden Conservatives.”

2 thoughts on “Rebel MPs told “they would lose funding for their constituency”

  1. A few additional key points from :

    1. You WILL be sacked as a minister if you don’t do as you are told: “The recriminations were swift. Angela Richardson was sacked as a parliamentary private secretary to Michael Gove’s levelling up department, after refusing to follow the whips’ instructions and instead abstaining.” One way of avoiding this: ” Missing were several other ministers given permission to be away from the vote because they were meant to be on trips outside Westminster, but who were in fact [gutlessly] hiding in their offices.”

    2. Emailing your MP can have an impact:

    ‘The pressure continued to build as the slew of emails pouring in from outraged constituents gathered pace in the final hours before the vote. An anxious MP admitted: “My inbox is in meltdown. I know the usual suspects – the messages I’m getting aren’t coming from them.”’

    ‘Depressed Tory MPs slunk off into the night, as their inboxes filled further with angry emails. One who reluctantly voted for the amendment said: “I really regret it.”’


    3. In the end, whichever version you believe in the following, Paterson did NOT resign – he was given the chop: “It was reported that he had had the rug pulled from under his feet and was given no notice of Rees-Mogg’s statement, and had instead been told by a reporter who had phoned him for his reaction while he was out shopping. But Downing Street insisted he had been told before the extraordinary U-turn was announced. Leadsom escaped to Cop26 in Glasgow and Johnson released a tribute to Paterson that evening, saying he was “very sad” his friend and colleague for decades was leaving parliament.”

    It is clear that the Conservative Party run internally on the basis of authoritarianism.


  2. I have seen the most newby Tory councillors follow the (claimed non-existent) whip at EDDC.

    I have no idea what methods the Conservative Party uses to keep their members on a tight leash, but experience tells me it is pretty effective.

    My guess that at a local level that the party encourages members to build their socially lives around one another – after all they supposedly share common beliefs – and they then threaten councillors who may be about to go rogue with being shunned. If this is the case, it would sound very like a cult.

    Apparently, similar but different methods of control are used with MPs. (Ironically using their own ethical standards against them in order to persuade them to act unethically!!)

    But this does apparently provide concrete evidence that the Conservative Party considers funding to be a means of rewarding or punishing MPs rather than based on any form of evidence of need or value.

    This is not democratic – democracy is about fairness and equality, not favouritism, bribery and personal gain.


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