“I don’t support Plan B” – Simon Jupp MP

Dear Simon, 

Throughout the pandemic Boris Johnson’s boosterish approach can be characterised as either doing too little too late, as with the original lockdown, or doing too much too soon, as when he let the cork out of the bottle on  “freedom day”. “Eat out to help out” supercharged last autumn’s infection wave.

An approach Dominic Cummings described as like a ‘shopping trolley smashing between aisles’.

The public knows this and, from the start, have anticipated events, taking matters into their own hands. Many were locking down in early March 2020 before the official start date. Reports of cancellation of Christmas parties this year started well before the latest announcement about Plan B.

We also know from the experience of the last two years that action taken too late leads to the need to act more severely later on.

A very high proportion of your constituents feel vulnerable to this infection. Confidence in the way the pandemic is being handled is an essential prerequisite if the general population is to feel secure to venture out. It is lack of confidence that costs jobs.


One thought on ““I don’t support Plan B” – Simon Jupp MP

  1. Simon, are you lining yourself up to be supporter of successor to BJ? Is that real reason for this decision?


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