Local councillor leaves Conservative Party following Downing Street parties scandal

Any local Tory got the moral compass, empathy with real people or guts to follow suit? – Owl


Cllr Bell follows Cllr Owen Martin who resigned from the Allerdale Conservative Group last week

Another councillor has defected from the Conservative Party over the Downing Street parties scandal and the Prime Minister’s controversial comments about the leader of the opposition.

Councillor Carmell Bell, who represents Crummock and Derwent Valley, has left the Conservative Party but will remain on Allerdale Borough Council as an Independent.

Cllr Bell feels she can not remain in the Conservative Party due to the recent actions of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Evidence has emerged recently that Downing Street hosted a number of parties, seemingly breaching the Government’s own lockdown rules.

Cllr Bell follows Cllr Owen Martin who resigned from the Allerdale Conservative Group last week.

Councillor Bell said “For some time now I have been unhappy in the Conservative Party. The recent behaviour of the Prime Minister and the unapologetic defence of his position by many within the party has convinced me it is time to leave.”

Mr Johnson has been under further scrutiny recently after making controversial comments at the despatch box, suggesting that Labour leader Kier Starmer failed to prosecute Jimmy Savile.

Cllr Bell said: “During the pandemic I was employed as a housing support officer for a housing charity. It was my job to work with vulnerable people at risk of homelessness. This was a difficult time for many and I saw first hand the impact that lack of resources and cuts has had, not least on our stretched police and mental health services within Cumbria.

“I don’t believe the government has a handle on this situation and hearing the stories coming from Downing Street, I’m not sure they care.

“I wish my colleagues in the Allerdale Conservative group well and look forward to representing my ward as an independent over the coming months”.