Met will reveal the number given FPNs at each event

The London Playbook from POLITICO

PARTYGATE LATEST: The Telegraph’s Ben Riley-Smith has seen a copy of the questionnaire sent by the Metropolitan Police to Boris Johnson and No. 10 staff involved in the Partygate scandal. One line in particular makes for interesting reading: “The MPS [Metropolitan Police Service] approach during the pandemic has been to confirm the number of FPNs [fixed penalty notices] issued at particular events and to explain what those FPNs were issued for.” This raises the prospect that, even though the Met has said it won’t name those it fines, it will reveal the number who were fined at each event and explain how they broke the law. Johnson will not publish his answers to the questionnaire, No. 10 said yesterday, but the PM vowed he would have “a lot more to say” on the allegations against him once the police probe concludes.