Simon Jupp, Owl has more questions for you

Simon, you used your press articles last week to promote tourism under the headline ‘Tourism is one of the things we do best!’.

  1. Did you know that in all the years the Conservatives controlled EDDC they never bothered to have a Tourism strategy?
  2. Will you, therefore, be giving the “New Guard” East Devon District Council your full support as they rectify this deficit by developing such a strategy?

If your answer to this question is “yes” then do you think it was wise to be quite so partisan as in the latest edition of the Tory leaflet, “In Touch”? 

As the elected Member of Parliament, you are supposed to be representing everyone in your constituency, whether they voted for you or not. That also implies working constructively with those they elected as their councillors.

In this leaflet you wrote: “East Devon deserves better than a district council which puts up council tax, doubles the price of parking and closes public toilets“. Isn’t this a little disingenuous?

All the local authorities have put their taxes up, and within limited options raised revenue for services, including the Conservative Devon County and the Conservative Devon and Cornwall Police Commissioner.


Because of the austerity cuts imposed by George Osborne.

Central government grants – including retained business rates – were cut 37% in real-terms between 2009/10 and 2019/20, from £41.0bn to £26.0bn in 2019/20 prices.

Under current government policies this is only going to get worse.

In terms of value for money, readers might contemplate what they get for their Council taxes.

The biggest percentage rise was introduced by Alison Hernandez for policing this year, a “whopping” 4.2% (above the increase in pensions).

For every pound that Council Tax payer in East Devon pays for things like recycling, street cleaning and, yes, cleaning the loos and emptying bins three times a day for tourists, they pay an additional 60p for policing. (60% more) [For clarity for every £1 that goes to EDDC, £1.60 goes to policing]

Owl bets most residents see refuse collection and street cleaning more often than they see a “Bobby on the Beat”. How’s that for value for money?

One thought on “Simon Jupp, Owl has more questions for you

  1. This is perhaps the best and simplest demonstration that you will ever see of:

    * the rank Conservative Party hypocrisy; and
    * their attempts to blame others for the consequences of their own actions; and
    * to be entirely unaccountable to the electorate.

    And it demonstrates yet again that the following is no longer a joke but instead the absolute literal truth:
    Q: How can you tell when a Tory is lying?
    A: Their lips are moving.

    In simple terms, the Tory party decisions and actions over the past decade are now so indefensible, that they can no longer say anything that puts them in a good light without blatantly lying about it.


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