One thought on “Monday: New bathing alerts for Budleigh and Ladram

  1. Please can South West Water can explain how bathing is not advised on Budleigh beach. Since the last advice not to bathe was lifted a few days ago the town has experienced gentle rain and sea mists. No downpours to block and overflow drains.

    So why the ban?

    Is it from a capacity problem at Exmouth’s sewage works and Budleigh’s sewage cannot be pumped and treated there so has to be pumped untreated out to sea at Otterton ledge? Would this explain the advice not to bathe at Ladram Bay .

    A thought- has SWW increased the capacity to cope with all the sewage produced by the housebuilding that has occurred in Exmouth over the last 10 years?

    Or does Budleigh’s ban come from discharges into the Otter eg from Honiton? After all the town has had more rain than the coast and we know that the sewers cannot cope as the overflow site at Honiton spilt 137 times last year, totalling 2,442 hours of spillage and flows directly into the Otter.

    Whatever the reason what is it doing to the tourist trade in the town?


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