Local Tory Hypocrisy – DCC hikes parking charges but no outcry from Jupp

Back in March the East Devon Conservatives circulated a leaflet entitled “In Touch”.

This heavily criticised the independent EDDC for putting up car parking charges, without consultation, thereby risking the recovery of High Street businesses, hospitality venues and the tourism industry. It said:

 “We (the Tories) believe East Devon deserves better. We won’t prioritise council budgets over the communities we’re elected to serve. Your local Conservatives continue to work hard at every level of local government alongside our members of Parliament to make East Devon an even better place to work, visit and visit.”

Now notices have been posted of price hikes by (Conservative) Devon County Council for roadside parking in the East Devon Seaside towns of Budleigh, Exmouth, Seaton and Sidmouth but where is the Hue and Cry this time?

One down one to go!

One thought on “Local Tory Hypocrisy – DCC hikes parking charges but no outcry from Jupp

  1. Come on Owl, don’t be quite so naïve or cynical.

    Of course Simon Jupp is not going to make the same fuss when his colleagues do something as he does when the opposition do the same – after all Tory politics is all about the sound bites and the publicity and gaining brownie points at the expense of others based on positions and policies which blow with the wind, and nothing to do with consistency, integrity and sincerity based on genuine beliefs and policies which are constant because they are based on ethical and moral principles which are unvarying.

    But please do not blame Simon for this because, as far as I can tell, it is true for all Conservatives who are genetically programmed to lie whenever the truth would be a negative reflection on their party and, having lied for so long and so frequently, and whose policies have been so selfish that they have been a disaster for Britain for at least the last decade if not the last 40+ years, that they now find themselves so deep in the shite that there are no longer ANY situations where the truth is actually favourable to them.

    Welcome to Airstrip/1, where the truth is now literally whatever the Tories make up and the right-wing propaganda press amplify,.


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