Just seven days in twelve weeks, that’s all Truss thinks we’re worth

Seven days is all the parliamentary time this Tory Government thinks is worth devoting to debating the problems this country is facing. Three of these will be next week to enable Liz Truss to conduct her “special fiscal operation”.

Could it be she wants to avoid scrutiny?

If the planned parliamentary schedule is followed, from 5:30 pm on Thursday July 21 to 2:30 pm on Monday 17 October, the House of Commons will have sat for nine days. These include the two days of special sittings to pay tribute to the late Queen. 

(That’s seven days devoted to running the country in what the rest of us would consider to be twelve working weeks in round numbers)

Meanwhile all the effort seems to be devoted to abstruse debates on subjects only of interest to her right wing such as:

Should she prioritise effort on: cutting taxes, oxford commas, and bankers bonuses.

Or following the deputy Prime Ministers, Thérèse Coffey, edict:

Should she prioritise effort on: cutting taxes, oxford commas and bankers bonuses.

Thumbs up from Thérèse

(Do they know what they are doing? – Owl)