South West Water Boss’ Bonus: “I do not understand” from a correspondent

In response to this post “South West Water boss trebles pay with huge bonus as beaches are shut due to raw sewage in sea”, and others, a Correspondent writes: 

I do not understand how Ms Davy, chief executive of South West Water’s parent company Pennon with a base salary of £456,000 has any bonus payments for SWW’s results for last year. These amount to an extensive £1,144000!

What are the criteria for these bonus payments? It is obviously not inclusive of the waste water spills and sewage into our rivers and onto our beaches.

The Environmental Performance Assessment of the water industry name the two worst performers as Southern Water and SWW.

SWW has sunk from a 2 star rating to 1 star. This after, she committed in 2020 to work closely with the EA to target 4 stars by 2024.

£13.3 million has to be paid back to us users.

 In July 2022 she wrote

“for the first time ever, we’ve achieved 100% bathing water quality,” 

What world does she live in? Not where I live on the coast in East Devon.

I would have thought she should fall on her sword and resign. Not take any bonuses.

One thought on “South West Water Boss’ Bonus: “I do not understand” from a correspondent

  1. The basis for the bonus payments can only be an increase in profits. Obviously it’s not down to proper sewage treatment.
    Now we find that SWW has to repay in excess of £13million. Can we expect an equivalent pay back from the bonus to reflect that?
    I must be dreaming.


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